Design and construction of hydraulic cylinders for over 25 years.

– Standard cylinders
– Welded cylinders
– Tie rod cylinders
– Cylinders with externally bolted heads
– Telescopic cylinders with two or more extensions
– Stainless steel cylinders
– Cylinders personalised to customer specifications

All products can be supplied in paint finished or galvanised.

For over 25 years, Sermec has designed, produced and sold hydraulic cylinders, providing quality products and services in line with sector developments, thanks to constant commitment to research and innovation. Sermec offers its passion and long-standing experience to meet the specific needs of each and every Client.

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Constant attention to innovations in the sector and the market, and continuous research into more evolved and competitive design instruments now mean that Sermec can guarantee high levels of quality and safety in products, which are both flexible and adaptable to a vast range of applications.

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Over the years, Sermec has specialised in the production of hydraulic cylinders to specifications: each product is produced to specifications to guarantee the best solution in the time required. The cylinder is thus "tailor-made", as a reliable and prompt response to customer needs.

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