Design and constructionof hydraulic cylinders for over 25 years

Standard cylinders / Welded cylinders / Tie rod cylinders / Cylinders with externally bolted heads

Telescopic cylinders with two or more extensions / Stainless steel cylinders / Cylinders personalised to customer specifications

Sermec: over 25 years of design, manufacture and sale of hydraulic cylinders

Sermec has designed, manufactured and sold hydraulic cylinders for over 25 years, providing quality products and services in line with sector developments, thanks to commitment to constant research and innovation: Sermec now offers standard and tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications; including earth moving, agriculture and industry. Sermec offers its passion and long-standing experience to respond to the specific needs of each Client.


Over the years, Sermec has specialised in the production of hydraulic cylinders to specifications: each product is produced on request, to ensure that it is constantly the best solution in the time you require: the “tailor-made” cylinder, as a reliable and prompt response to the specific needs of each client, which is the salient feature of Sermec production for over 25 years.

Sermec experience boasts the latest technology for production, in all phases, of standard and personalised cylinders: constant attention to innovations in the sector and on the market, ongoing research for increasingly advanced and competitive design instruments now enable Sermec to guarantee high levels of product quality and safety, flexibility and adaptability to a vast range of applications: Sermec quality starts with the choice of materials selected for durability, through to all production phases, performed in strict compliance with current international standards.


In the production process of each hydraulic cylinder, Sermec follows a careful quality control procedure, which is completed with final rigorous testing to guarantee maximum safety of the product: in particular, a plus feature of Sermec is the systematic control of production output by operation testing of individual parts.

Commitment, reliability, innovation, quality and safety: the values guiding Sermec for over thirty years, enabling the company to offer clients tailor-made solutions that are simple and effective, innovative and prompt, guaranteeing high product and operating standards, prompt deliveries, and design and after sales assistance.


Client relations are our priority: reliability of our tailor-made products is also based on long-standing relations established over the years with our clients, thanks to special attention to their specific needs and our ability to offer innovative and technologically advanced solutions in line with developments in this sector.